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Faz Waltz is a power trio from Cantù, Italy, started in 2007 as a solo project of singer and guitarist Faz La Rocca. The line up is completed by bass player Diego Angelini and drummer Marco Galimberti.

The songwriting of Faz La Rocca has always been influenced by Rock’N’Roll, Glam and the sounds of bands like T.Rex, Slade and many others that used to be very much appreciated in the seventies in the worst pubs all around England, as perfect soundtrack for fight and romance.

Since 2008 one Ep and seven Albums have been released by records labels from USA, Canada, Italy and Germany and Faz Waltz played more than 250 concerts all around the world, including USA, UK, Norway, Austria, Czeck Republic, Spain and Switzerland, developing their sound along the way.

-“Young Italians Faz Waltz, whose videos are perfect pastiches of 1974, gleefully recreating the music of terrifying old English pubs” - Alex Pedridis, The Guardian (UK)

-“If Rodney Bingenheimer embraces a group they’re going to make it big. There is no doubt these guys are keeping rock and roll music alive” - Pow Magazine (USA)

-“Great lead vocals and teenage rebellious lyrics make this an absolute fun record to listen to.” - American Oi (USA)

-“The strenght of this disc is its sense of fun and umpretentiousness” - Shindig! Magazine (UK)

-“Boogie popwerpop for growing big bushy sideburns to.” - Mojo Magazine (UK)

“Faz La Rocca really knows how to write songs, all catchy as hell. Brilliant guitar work, a strong rhythm section and great songs with plenty of hooks and sing-a-long choruses.” - RatBoy 69 (FR)

“Much like Bootboy and prepunk rhythms feel as if they could be banged out in a football stadium by an amped up crowd.” - The Punk Lounge (UK)